Journées du Patrimoine

Reconstruction of “La table servie”

Every year, the National Heritage Days are the occasion for the Niépce House to present new reasearch and findings, which then are put on show in the house permanently.

La table servie de Nicéphore Niépce

Since J.L. Marignier’s research published in 1999, one knows that the image of the “Table Servie” – whose origins were uncertain – […]

A daguerreotype by Daguerre at Niépce House

Within the framework of research on the origins of photography, one of Daguerre’s first views of Paris was presented: the very image that allowed him to get the official acknowledgement of the invention of the daguerreotype by the Académie des Sciences.

Daguerre offered this daguerreotype to Arago, the perpetual secretary of the Académie des Sciences and […]

25 September 2002|Journées du Patrimoine|