National Commemorations 2015: 250th Anniversary of Nicéphore Niépce’s Birth

Every year, the “Haut Comité des commémorations nationales” presents to the Ministry of Culture and Communication a selection of about a hundred personalities, whose birthdays are celebrated in the name of the nation.

This selection is presented in a publication that has become well-known among both amateurs and professionals within the domain of French history. In […]

05 March 2015|Publications|

Niépce: Letters and Documents online

The revised online edition of Niépce, correspondance et papiers is a compilation of over 700 documents from more than 50 archives spread all over the world.
Footnotes give thousands of references; its index of names amounts to more than three thousand; equipped with a multi-criteria search engine.
Historical bits and pieces are revealed, family secrets unveiled […]

09 January 2012|Publications|

Publication of the book “Niépce, Correspondance et papiers”

The Niépce’s House proudly presents the book Niépce, Correspondance et papiers, by Manuel Bonnet and Jean-Louis Marignier, a set of the most important documents ever collected on Niépce.

Mainly written to relatives and close friends, these letters are better than a lab notebook, as they reveal the inventor’s privacy — his failures, mistakes, doubts — […]

05 December 2003|Events, Publications|